What Chiropractic Treatment Can Benefit


It's not entirely certain what causes ADHD, but the current thought is that it may be a combination of an overactive nervous system coupled with a decrease in the brains ability to filter out extraneous sights, sounds, thoughts and emotions. Although chiropractors don't directly treat ADHD, chiropractic treatment can help to eliminate some of the stresses on a child's nervous system such as:

  • Remove spinal subluxation that irritates the nervous system
  • Recommend nutritional products and dietary changes to avoid common problem foods
  • Recommend reduction in exposure to certain toxic chemicals

The most common medical treatment is the use of the drug Ritalin. Ritalin is a stimulant drug that normally speeds up the activity of the nervous system. For unknown reasons, it has a calming effect on ADHD patients. Ritalin does not do anything to resolve the cause of ADHD, it only masks the symptoms. It's important as a parent to look at all treatment options before putting your child on Ritalin. Chiropractic care is a good place to start in the quest for appropriate treatment.

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