Chiropractic Treatment Benefits

Carpel Tunnel

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome has become a very common occupational problem. It affects millions of people per year most commonly as a result of computer work and also as a result of physical activity such as hammering, sewing, chopping, typing or any repetition jobs involving the wrist.

The symptoms from carpel tunnel are wrist pain, weakness, numbness, burning, tingling and loss of grip strength causing you to drop things.

Chiropractic can treat this in a number of different ways depending on what is found in the examination. The spinal nerves that control the wrist originate in the cervical spine; therefore. the cervical region as well as the shoulder, elbow and obviously the wrist need to be evaluated to see what is involved. With a treatment plan including nutritional support with vitamin B6, analyzing the ergonomics of the job activity to locate predisposing irritants, physical therapy, and stretching and strengthening exercises most patients respond well.

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