Chiropractic Treatment Benefits

Children: Chiropractic and Pediatrics

Every child needs to have a balanced spinal column. The spine is the framework that will support your child throughout his or her growing years and throughout adulthood.

Studies show that the birthing process can cause stress to the infant. Visualize your baby's learning curve as they first start to crawl, walk, run, go up and down stairs, and ride a bike. Feel the trauma in your body as they fall and fall again as they learn new physical things. Think about what that is doing to their little bodies and spines. They need to be evaluated by a chiropractor to ?????? Dr. Heathcote has worked with many children and their families over his 20 years as a chiropractor. He has four children of his own and definitely keeps busy working on them.

Chiropractic care for children is very safe. There are many different ways to treat children. Dr. Heathcote may use a hand-held tool called an activator or he may manually adjust them. The tools are very non-forcing and children usually are very comfortable.

The importance of having your children treated by a chiropractor is to keep them in alignment so they do not develop problems as they grow. The old saying: "how you stake a tree upon planting determines whether it will be straight or crooked as it grows", is also true for children. Chiropractic may help prevent hereditary tendencies from reoccurring in children. For example, a parent may have physical problems such as back pain, neck pain or headaches. Preventative wellness care for the children can greatly reduce the likelihood of these conditions reoccurring.

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