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Foot Problems and Shoe Orthotics

To find our if you have possible feet problems you can do a quick home check.

First stand barefoot in shorts or underwear in front of a full length mirror so that you can see from your knees down to your feet. Stand in a relaxed, normal position facing the mirror. Close your eyes. March in place about 10 steps to position you feet naturally.

  • Do either or both feet flare outward? ___ Yes ___ No.
  • Do either or both feet point inward? ___Yes ___No.
  • Are either or both kneecaps off center? ___Yes ___No.

Next stand sideways (first left then right).

  • Do either or both feel appear extra "flat" with no arch support? ___Yes ___ No.
  • Do either or both feet appear extra high in the arch area? ___Yes ___ No.

If you answered yes to any of the above, your feet are probably pronated or supinated and are not providing proper support for you body.


Having your feet professionally examined and also scanned on our Associate Platinum Scanner. The scanner takes a picture of your foot weight bearing to show a color picture of how your body is distributing your weight. This helps to diagnose whether you are a candidate for custom orthotics.

Dr. Heathcote through his examination can determine if your feet and extremities need to be adjusted to help correct the mechanical imbalances in them. This may be necessary before casting for orthotics so that your feet are in proper position.

Another point to keep in mind is your quality of shoes. I am a big advocate of quality shoes and pillows. These two items are so important in supporting your structure it is so important to get quality products to support you.

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