Chiropractic Treatment Benefits

Golf Injuries

There are three fundamental causes of golf injuries; poor posture, lack of flexibility and poor swing mechanics. The root cause of poor mechanics can be lack of flexibility because of tight muscles and mechanical imbalance. Lack of flexibility and poor posture can be result of structural misalignment or subluxation resulting from past trauma, injuries, repetitive stress or bad mechanical habits.

Chiropractors are the perfect choice to evaluate educate, treat and help with exercises to help strengthen golfers. Due to the repetitive stress of golf it is important to keep your skeletal structure in alignment through chiropractic care to get rid of mechanical imbalances and help prevent future imbalances. Flexibility is also extremely important to keep the joints healthy. Performing the proper stretching techniques recommended by your doctor will help to lesson additional mechanical stresses. With increased flexibility and the the joints being aligned through chiropractic manipulation it is very important to strengthen the body. Conditioning for golf should be looked at the same as any other sport. Specific exercises will help to strengthen, stabilize and lesson the likelihood of future injuries.

In summary, regular chiropractic care to keep joints in line, specific stretching to keep muscles loose and specific strengthening conditioning to help increase endurance and stability will all help you recover from an injury as well as help prevent future injuries.

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