Chiropractic Treatment Benefits

Leg Pain

There can be different causes of leg pain. Depending upon where in your leg the pain is and what caused it to get better or worse helps to diagnose the cause.

Neurological pain can be a result of pressure on the nerve coming from the low back or hip. Also, muscles that are tight or spastic can also compress on the nerves causing leg pain or restless movement of the legs. Having your lumbar spine and pelvic region examined can find the cause. Also through muscle testing using applied kinesiology can also pinpoint the imbalance in the muscle causing the pressure on the nerve resulting in leg pain or twitching.

Another cause of leg pain can also be vascular in nature. By being examined and evaluated, your distal pulses in your feet. This also can be checked to see if this is part of the cause of the leg pain.

Sciatica which is under its own heading can also be a cause of leg pain. So, being examined by your chiropractor can help pinpoint and treat the common causes of your leg pain and if necessary, refer you to other specialists for further evaluation.

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