Chiropractic Treatment Benefits


Our society as a whole is not well nourished. We consume too much fat food, too much packaged and processed foods. The way the crops are grown has changed tremendously, a majority of seeds are genetically altered to help increase production not necessarily helping increase the nutritional value of the product. The soils don’t have some nutrients and minerals as they use to have. So, how most food is grown, processed, preserved and then cooked for you, it doesn't’t have the proper nutrients to allow your body to be healthy.

This is where whole food supplements help to give your body the proper nutrition it needs to help heal and continue to be healthy. Not all supplements are of the same quality just like everything else in life. There are high end quality and low end quality nutritional products. The high end quality products are much better absorbed then the low end synthetic products which many times the body can’t break down and therefore it has very minimal benefit to you.

A few of the products used in our office are Biotics, Standard Process, and Carlson Labs. They all have web site information on their quality control and products. Everyone needs nutritional support to allow there body to be healthy even if you are a great cook and eater because the food nutritional value are not the same as they use to be.

So, talk to Dr. Heathcote about having your vitamins tested. He will make sure they are the correct ones for you and are of great quality so you can see the best benefits.

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