Chiropractic Treatment Benefits

Sports Injuries

Many athletes are sidelined with injuries that could have been avoided, or because their injuries do not respond to traditional medical care. If received prior to the sports activities, chiropractic care keeps the body at its best functioning capacity helping eliminate imbalance and preventing injury. In the case of an injury, chiropractic care can solve problems that traditional medical care often cannot.

Injured atheletes who continue to play do so at less than peak efficiency because their structural system is not balanced. More and more, coaches and atheletes are turning away from pain-killing drugs, becasue they recognize that such drugs just mask the pain, and do not address the cause of the pain. Such a strategy often worsens the jnjury, possibly making full recovery impossible.

Chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic exercise, massage and nutritional support are part of patient care for injuries such as ankle sprains, muscles strain, tendonitis, bursistic of the shoulder, and joint problems involving the elbow, wrist, hand, hip and knee can also be treated very effectviely with chirpractic care.

However, the best thing about Chiropractic is not only that it is drug-free and surgery-free care, but also that it is also preventative and performance enhancing care. Maintaining proper spinal alignment puts athletes in a state of peak efficiency, and getting adjusted after the stress of a particular event helps the athletes recuperate quicker.

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